Advanced Maintenance Plan Summary



Advanced Maintenance Package Plan

Offers fixed pricing for each year you require, with no hidden fees with the benefits and terms to meet the exact needs of our clients.

This package has all the benefits for extra peace of mind - you won't be spending a lot of your valuable time (and money) trying to fix things when something goes wrong with your home or heating system.

This document is not a statement of the full terms and conditions in conjunction with this summary.

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What's included in your maintenance plan.
  • Fixed price each year.
  • Report and photos of findings sent to you by email.
  • Maintenance visits twice a year to lower the risk of faults happening.
  • Landlord Gas Safety Certificate CP12 or Gas Safety at no extra charge.
  • Unlimited repairs with parts and labour included.
  • Instant protection when you switch from another provider.
  • There is no initial exclusion period at the start of your new plan.
  • Choose your start date with us to avoid gaps in cover or overlapping contracts.
  • Boiler Heating and Hot Water Maintenance.
  • Boiler set Service to requirements.
  • Unvented Maintenance.
  • Hot Water Heater Maintenance.
  • Gas Inspection and Gas main supply pipe Maintenance.
  • Electrical Visual and Inspection Maintenance.
  • Internal Drains Visual and Inspection Maintenance.
  • Add Maintenance to your Gas Hob for an extra fee.
  • Add Maintenance to your Gas Cooker for an extra fee.
  • Add Maintenance to your GAs Fire for an extra fee.

Feature Descriptions

Boiler and New Boiler

Repairs to your boiler including parts and labour at your limit and if your boiler is less than eight years old and we cannoy repair it, we will supply and install a new replacement boiler.

Heating and Hot Water

Repairs to your heating and hot water system and controls (thermostats, frost stats, clocks, timers and programmers) including parts and labour at your limit.


Repairs to your Unvented system (pumps, motorised valves, pipes, fittings).

Gas Inspection and Gas main supply pipe

Repairs to your Gas main supply after ECV and Annual inspection of your boiler, checking its safe efficiency..

Plumbing and Taps and Toilets

Repairs to burst/leaking cold mains supply water pipes overflows and cold water storage tanks, Dripping taps, Leaking taps, Leaking toilets.

Electrical Visual and Inspection

Continuity, Earthing, Loose Cables and Wiring.

Internal Drains Visual and Inspection

Flow of Drainage, Internal leaking, Chemical added.

Gas Hob or Gas Cooker

Cleaned to correct flame picture (controls) including parts and labour at your limit.

Gas Fire

Cleaned to correct flame picture (controls) flue flow test spillage test including parts and labour at your limit.


What's not included in your maintenance plan.

  • Faults caused by you or someone else you used for repairs (seals broken).
  • Pre-existing faults, inaccessable components or system design faults.
  • Any faults caused by sludge, hard waterscale or blockages.
  • Excess Charge - This is the amount you have chosen to pay each time you make a claim. This will be detailed on the front page of your documents.
  • If you home is empty or unoccupied for more than 30 days in a row, you will not be covered for any damage caused.
  • Repairs to boilers aged 8 years or older that are deemed beyond economical repair.
  • Trace and Access - If the fault is not visible or accessible, we will not cover for the trace and access of finding the fault, this is normally covered by your building's insurance.
  • Boiler repairs are limited to £150 when full payment of your maintenance cover has been recieved.
  • Damage caused by weather or freezing - we will advise you on this.
  • Damage arising as a result of disconnection from, reconnection to, or interruption of the gas, electricity or water mains services to your property.
  • Repairs to burglar alarms, smoke detectors, electrical garage door systems and electrical gates, resetting of circuit breakers.
  • Plumbing - System plumbing under sink or outdoor plumbing. Toilets or waste - We will advise you on this.
  • Electrical "Terminal Ends" (for example such as light fittings, light bulbs, extractor fans, electric showers, domestic appliances) - We will advise you on this.
  • Unvented - Any repairs to your unvented coild, control unit or vessel.
  • Drainage - Roof guttering and system.
  • Gas Hobs - Parts and controls.
  • Gas cookers - Parts and controls.
  • Gas Fires - Parts and controls.

Breakdown and Repair

With Breakdown and Repair, when something goes wrong you can rely on one of our approved engineers to get things running again.

Step 1
Breakdown booking appointment

Step 2
Diagnosis Advised

Step 3
Parts available

Step 4
Repair booking appointment - Customer agrees to repairs.
There is a risk of more diagnostics for your repair or we will advise a new system

Step 5
Boiler repaired and safety check issued, with a record of works carried out

Systems that can not be repaired will be deemed as Beyond Economical Repair (BER).


Survey and Installation

Before your new boiler is installed your old system will be flushed of all debris and sludge, if required replace your old radiator valves for Themostatic rad valves and a new programmable room stat will be fitted to ensure maximum efficiency.

All new boilers fitted by are protected by a suitable scale reduced to prolong the life of your boiler. Every completed installation is then notified to building regulations via Gas Safe for your home improvement pack

We offer Gold or Silver Packages which can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

We offer professional removal of your existing gas boiler and removal of your hot water cylinder, pump, valves and old pipes as standard.


Installing your new boiler and new standard flue.

Alteration to existing pipework and installation of new copper and condense pipework

Connection of existing wiring and installation of new internal mechanical programmer

Chemical system flush, Anti-corrosion system inhibitor added.

System tested and commissioned to full working order.

Working area cleaned and system controls demonstrated.

Benchmark filled in, Gas safety certificate, System warranty registered

Notification of the installation to gas safe register and building control

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